Chrome Gel-X Tips – Pearlescent – Sculpted Square Medium




Get ready to have flawless extensions and flawless nail art all with one Gel-X tip.

Our Chrome Gel-X tips have been specially colored to provide that beautiful pearlescent chrome finish over our signature Gel-X shapes. No more messy powders, no more finding the right top coats—you can find it all in one with our revolutionary Chrome Gel-X tips. Each box comes with five different colors that you can mix and match to your desired nail look. Now nailing down the perfect nail art and perfect extensions has never been easier!

-Our Chrome Gel-X tips can NOT be filed or buffed down. This will scratch or chip the chrome effect.
-Due to the tips being semi-opaque because of the chrome finish, we recommend a longer flash cure of 30s to 1 minute.
-Gel-X Prep must be applied over the top of the Gel-X tip BEFORE applying Top Gelcoat. Scrub Gel-X Prep over the surface until it becomes a little tacky. Then apply Top Gelcoat.


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